"come look at my deviant :O"

Reasons to be on tumblr:
to laugh
to follow people
to express myself
to show people who i am
to write about my day
to reblog just about anything i like
to take time away from school and just relax
to share my art
Want to read my mind, read my Tubmlr

- learn to juggle
- catch a firefly
- go to thailand
- make a song and perform it
- kiss under the stars and in the rain[x]
- donate to an animal fund
- give a puppy or a kitten as a present
- go on a teeter totter
- hold a tarantula for at least 5 seconds
- throw a bottled love note into the sea
- learn how to play chess
- go to a music concert
- paint a masterpiece on a wall
- volunteer at the animal shelter[x]
- use a fire extinguisher
- use a bow and arrowp[x]
- watch a movie alone
- go to the San Diego Zoo [X]
- hug a man in uniform
to be continued..

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